After a year full of driving through road construction and more, many drivers might find themselves with a chip or crack in their windshield from leftover debris or passing work vehicles. If the damage is small, it’s easy to forget the crack or chip is even there. However, that little crack can often turn into a large problem, especially with the upcoming winter. No matter the size of the damage, it’s important to take care of windshield damage sooner rather than later.

That little chip, when influenced by either extreme heat or cold, can easily turn into a huge crack across the windshield if you don’t get it filled. In some cases, all it takes is a pot hole or sharp turn to cause the chip to enlarge. Plus, there are some instances where the damage is deemed too dangerous for driving. For instance, these cases will often need a complete replacement:

– A chip or crack directly in your line of sight
– Multiple chips spanning the windshield
– A crack spanning more than fourteen inches
– A crack reaching the edge of the windshield

In some cases, however, it can depend on the depth of the damage.

If you find yourself with windshield damage, first check what your insurance covers – each provider has different rules on what they cover for glass repair. We can work with or without insurance, so give us a call to figure out what steps need to be taken to repair your windshield.