As we officially enter into wintertime, drivers should be aware of the danger of black ice. A road that looks wet could actually be covered in a sheet of ice, which causes thousands of accidents each year. Black ice doesn’t have many bubbles in it, so it’s hard to tell if you’re driving over damp or icy pavement. If you’re faced with the task of driving over black ice, then you should first stay calm and do these tips.

First, once you know you’ve hit a patch of black ice, ease up on the brakes. Try to keep your wheel straight and only make small adjustments if you absolutely have to move one way. If you turn your wheel too hard, then you’ll risk making the slide worse or completely spinning out. It can be hard to avoid black ice, so just do your best to drive carefully and slowly when conditions aren’t great.

If you do get into an accident due to back weather, we get your car fixed up and looking good as new. Come visit us at our Eagan location.