Accidents happen. It’s just part of life. That’s why it’s good to know you have peace of mind for all circumstances should you find yourself in a crash. In the collision business, one part of the insurance equation we run into more often than you might think is the question of rental car costs and who will pay the bill.

If you’re not at fault for the crash, the other party’s insurance should cover your costs including fees for a rental car, but you just never know. The person who hit you may not have insurance, or the accident might be ruled no fault, or worse, your fault. If either of the latter two are true then the rental car bill comes out of your pocket. That is unless your auto insurance policy covers this kind of cost.

Checking your coverage to make sure you have protection should you need to rent a car for an extended period is a good idea. This is a different type of coverage than what many may think of when talking about rental car insurance. Many auto policies provide additional coverage for you, as the driver, if you should get into an accident while driving a rental vehicle. Rental companies will also offer coverage to you at the time of rental in case you don’t have personal auto insurance, or your policy does not extend to the rental vehicle.

To put it into perspective why it’s so important to know if your policy covers the cost of a rental car, when we receive a vehicle that needs collision repairs, those repairs will typically take around 10 days. Most of our customers choose to rent a car during that period. On average, rental places are charging $50-$60 a day for a rental (this fluctuates based on model), and that adds up when you calculate it based on the average number days you will likely be without a vehicle.

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of being a driver, and that’s why you should always be protected with insurance—including rental car insurance. It will save you money in the long-run and prevents extra stress when your car is in the shop after an accident. We’d also love to take away some of that stress with our quality service and affordable prices. If you have collision repair needs, give us a call.