Happy Spring!

It’s finally time for green grass, blooming flowers, and warm weather. Now that the roads won’t be covered in a slush/road salt mix and the temps are above freezing, you can finally worry a little less about the harmful effects of road salt accelerating the rust on your car. Once you’ve washed off all that grime, however, you might see a few issues that you hadn’t noticed before. It can be hard to catch every little scratch done to your car when you’re rushing in and out of the cold. This spring, we recommend doing a quick evaluation of your car to try and spot any damage that wasn’t there at the beginning of winter.

If you’ve got scratches, dings, or dents that went unnoticed last season, you can easily get them fixed. Our technicians have the expertise to expertly buff out surface damage like scratches; we also have the equipment to fix dents so that, in the right circumstances, it won’t require a replacement. To finish the job, our paint system can match any color, so the fixed area looks good as new. In other words: our team can handle the challenge whether it’s a big or small autobody repair job. If you’re finally ready to take care of some larger damage, we can evaluate your vehicle and give you an idea on pricing. We strive to always restore your vehicle to its original condition.

No matter the extent of damage, our team will help you through the repair process and make it as stress-free as possible. We offer a free shuttle service within a 5 mile area of our shop, or will help with acquiring a rental car.

Refresh your car’s look this spring and bring it in to our Eagan location if you see any scratches, dings or other damage. We’ll have it fixed up in no time!