When you finally make the decision to sell your old or used car, you want to get the most out of it whether it’s through a dealer or online listing. To prepare, even the little things you do can help increase the value of your car. Although, it does get harder to sell once the car approaches or goes over 100,000 miles, so remember that if you’re selling a well-used car.

To get your car ready for sale, we’d recommend these tips:

Clean it out.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep the outside of your car clean due to weather, but try your best as you prepare to sell. The inside of the vehicle should be just like getting into a new car. Vacuum the floor, wash the mats, and wipe down your dash. Maybe even throw in a little car freshener to really get that “new car smell.”

Take care of any lights on your dash.

A buyer will notice if there’s a lot of orange, yellow, or red lights on your dash, which means a lot of potential repairs in the future. They might ask you to take care of them first or even pass on your vehicle because of them. Generally, it’s advised to not pay for repairs costing more than 10 percent of the car’s value.

Repair visible damage.

Appearances really do matter in this situation. A buyer will be discouraged if they see a lot of dents or scratches on the car, so take care of them yourself. Luckily, some autobody shops offer paintless dent repair to take care of damage like dings, dents, or creases. Without the need for a paint job at the end, it’s a more cost-effective route. Other damage like scratches can also be dealt with efficiently by having a certified technician buff them out.

By following these tips, you’ll be more prepared for selling your car at the price it’s worth. Above all, be honest with buyers about the condition of the car, and do your best to have it ready to go for the next driver. If you need autobody repairs, Superior Service can expertly handle jobs from dings to bumper replacement. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!