Nature can take a lot out on your car over time, especially when dealing with the extreme weather of the four seasons. While summer saves drivers from the threat of icy roads, it can also bring severe storms that have the potential to damage your vehicle.

In your car’s lifetime, one of the most common damages it might encounter is hail. Depending on the severity of the damage, some drivers may choose to go without autobody repair. If they do this, they’re risking paint damage that turns into rust. Luckily, comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy will typically cover damage done from storms. The auto body repair shop you go to for an estimate should be able to help you figure out if your insurance will cover it.

Additionally, the Midwest has been dealing with flooding all across the region. In some cases, flood water can rise high enough that it overtakes roads. Even if the road hasn’t been closed down, you should take caution. According to Progressive, the average automobile can be swept off the road in just 12 inches of moving water. If the road is blocked by water, moving or not, don’t test its depth by driving in it—dark flood waters can be deceptive. This even applies to puddles that are disguising the true size of potholes. Drivers can often lose control of their car after hitting them.

If your car has been damaged by the elements this summer, bring it in to Superior Service. We’re happy to restore your car to pre-event condition and get you back on the road as soon as possible.