Meet our newest employee, Danielle! We had the pleasure of working with Danielle when she became our intern while earning an Associate of Applied Science degree from Dakota County Technical College (DCTC). Then, when she graduated this May, we were excited to have her officially join the team as a full-time employee at our Eagan service center.

Danielle loves the technology involved in auto repair these days, and she excels at diagnostics. After a car collision, the software often needs to be recalibrated or repaired depending on the extent of damage. Danielle enjoys working with electrical systems as her primary duty and the challenge that comes with working on each vehicle’s software. With manufacturers adding more advanced features like blind spot sensors, she also specializes in the newer windshield technology that senses when someone isn’t driving between the lines.

Danielle grew up in the auto repair world thanks to her father owning Scott’s Tire Service in Osceola and her brother also joining the business. At first, she wasn’t set on going into the automotive industry until she visited DCTC and witnessed their program in action, and we’re so fortunate that she did. We are proud to be invested in educating and inspiring the future of the automotive industry. Dan Sjolseth, our owner, serves on the DCTC Foundation Board of Directors, and also gets involved at other local technical colleges to help advocate for careers in the automotive field.

If you or someone you know is interested in the automotive industry, we encourage them to look up local technical colleges. We have helped mentor many young students like Danielle over the years and welcome inquiries to our internship opportunities.