If you aren’t one to care about small damages to your vehicle, you may want to reconsider for the long-term effects it will have on your wallet. Vehicle maintenance isn’t always about interior work—it also requires upkeep with the exterior of your vehicle, especially if you’ve been in a collision. Even if it was a minor one, there’s a lot of damage that can happen undetected by the average driver. Plus, the paint job isn’t just for show—it also protects your car. When that protection is compromised by a scratch, ding, nick, or other damage, and left unrepaired, it will cause long-term issues.

First, run your fingernail over the damage. If you can feel its incision, then it’s exposed to the elements. A superficial scratch can be buffed out with the right tools. When the scratch or damage is deep enough to expose the car’s shell to the elements, then you risk rust setting in and making the damage much worse. If it goes long enough, the rust can even wear away at the car until it leaves large gaps, which also risks compromising the car’s frame. Fixing this becomes a must more costly job than what fixing a scratch would have been.

Additionally, if you’re trying to sell the car, the price decreases depending on how beat up the exterior presents. “Curb appeal” matters no matter what you’re selling, and you have a better chance of getting your money’s worth if you upkeep the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

By fixing scratches, dings, or other small damages when they happen, you’re creating good habits and also saving yourself the trouble of spending more money down the road. More often than not, the damages only get worse if left alone. Superior Service’s skilled technicians can repair your vehicle’s autobody damage in a timely manner and have you back on the road in no time. Contact us to set up an appointment.