When you price check between retail stores it is easy because typically that is done when comparing the same exact item. When comparing multiple estimates from different autobody shops, you must be careful. You really do get what you pay for and price impacts the final product you receive.

Almost all autobody shop’s prepare estimates in one of three programs. If find you have a wide range of prices for the same repair, chances are they are not performing the repair job in the same way.

After an accident, your insurance company will have a list of recommended shops, but drivers do not need to limit themselves only those suggestions. You have the option to find the best shop for your needs. Before you chose a shop, it is important to gather recommendations from family and friends and read the shop’s online reviews.

When you call an auto body shop to ask for an estimate, their pricing will often depend on three big reasons: location, quality, and popularity.

Location. As with all businesses, the cost of the area will reflect prices. If it’s a more expensive neighborhood, then the rent, taxes, and employee compensation will be higher, which means costs to keep the business running go up. So, for example, an auto body shop in a highly populated downtown city will often give a higher estimate.

Quality. The quality of an auto body shop depends on the technicians they hire and the parts/materials they use or have to order. If an auto body shop wants to stay relevant, they continue to have their technicians educated on any updates in the industry. Then, when ordering parts, there are many options for where they can come from, which means different prices. Some shops have the option to order used parts, but these are not always preferred because the quality could be compromised.

Popularity. A shop with an established reputation and a solid client base will typically have higher pricing. However, that means they have a better guarantee of doing a good job on the repair, and you can trust them to upload their integrity and warrantees.

However, there’s some other research you should do before choosing the cheapest option. 1. Look up the autobody shop’s reviews and recommendations on places like Facebook and Google. 2. Consider the distance between your home and the shop. Some collision centers, such as Superior, will offer a free shuttle service for a certain distance. 3. Make sure the shop offers a warranty on their repairs.

Once you’ve got all the information, try out a pros and cons list if there’s a couple high contenders. Superior Collision Center serves the Southern Twin Cities metro for all their collision repair needs, and we have been a trusted shop for customers since 1982.