Just like maintaining the interior of your vehicle, you should put effort into maintaining the exterior of your vehicle as well—especially during the harsh winter months. Here are a few ways that the weather can affect your vehicle:

  • Build-up of slush behind your tires. With the weather fluctuating between above and below freezing, there’s a lot of the slush on the roads. As it piles up behind your tires it can freeze there if the temps lower. In response, that blockage makes it difficult for you to turn your tires, which can also make it harder to get control on slippery roads. Even if it’s too cold to get a car wash, try carefully kicking the build-up off your car. We stress, careful!
  • Snow and ice can create a blockage for your washer fluid. If you don’t properly clear off your windshield wipers before driving, ice and snow can block the places where your windshield wiper fluid comes out. Or, in other cases, build-up that’s reached the tube where that fluid comes out can stop it at the source.
  • Snow or ice can fall off your car and disrupt other drivers on the road. You should always clean off the top of your car when clearing the windows. Chunks of snow or ice on your car can fall off and, depending on the consistency of it, distract or damage the vehicle behind you.
  • Rusting from the mixture being used on roads. While it does take time for road salt to actually cause rust on your car, it’s useful to know the affect it has on metal over time. All of that salt, sand, and road treatments aren’t great for the undercarriage of your vehicle, so getting it cleaned will help prevent long-term rusting.

The short story is you want to definitely clean under your car. Some car washes can also have a beneficial spot treatment. However, you should never wash your car when it’s below freezing—this could freeze doors closed and disrupt your system. Before next winter, you could also wax your car to help prevent the oxidation that happens due to those road salts, and it will also make your car shine like new.

If a lack of exterior maintenance has caused scrapes, dents, or other damage on your vehicle, the experts at Superior Collision Center can help. Schedule and appointment today.