Don’t forget to spruce up your car this spring! The interior most likely suffered from the road treatments and salt this winter, and that can easily build up in the carpet or fabric floor mats. If left alone long enough, it could even start to affect the frame underneath. If you’re struggling to remove those salt damages or stains, try using a 50/50 mixture of hot water and white vinegar to scrub it out.

For the exterior, a spruce-up might be a little more complicated depending on how you’ve maintained your vehicle. Throughout the life of your car, it will most likely suffer many smaller damages such as dings, dents, and scratches, which is why drivers often choose to let them be. However, there are many issues that can occur because of that neglect.

Getting those small damages fixed might not seem important, but it’s actually a good investment for the future, especially if your car is newer. If you plan to eventually sell or trade your car, there’s a certain curb appeal a vehicle needs to maintain if it wants to sell for the right price. A car that looks beaten-up, even if it has a well-maintained interior, might have to be priced much lower than needed because of face value.

Plus, getting those scratches fixed helps prevent potential corrosion issues. The coating and plastic frame of a car helps protect the metal underneath from the elements, so exposing them risks the chance of rusting. Although, rust does take a lot of exposure and time to start corroding metal, so the threat of build-up degrading the quality of your car’s parts is much more likely.

Additionally, you can run into issues with insurance when trying to get those small damages covered. If someone door dings your car or bumps it in the parking lot, you hope they’ll leave their info. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen. As a result, the driver has to decide whether or not they will file a claim with their own insurance. Sometimes those damages are small enough that the cost will not go over your deductible, and making the claim only results in higher rates even though it wasn’t your fault.

Luckily, we’re here to help with all of this. We have expert staff who are ready to help you with an insurance claim, so you can feel comfortable with your decision. Give Superior Service Collision Center a call if it’s time to fix up those dings, dents, and scraps this spring.