Summer storms can pop up literally out of the blue, but most of the time you get some level of warning before the more severe ones hit. Staying “Sky Aware” is important when driving, but if you do get caught in one, we have some tips for staying safe.

  1. Avoid stopping in a low-lying area. With heavy rain comes the threat of flash flooding. Low lying areas tend of accumulate the most amount of water that could become a running river.
  2. If you chose to continue driving in a heavy rainstorm, be aware of the puddles you are driving through. It’s impossible to accurately judge their depth.
  3. Storms with high winds can make it difficult to remain in control of your vehicle. If possible, it is best to safely pull over to the side of the road. Be sure to turn on your hazard lights when pulling off the roadway to help others see you.
  4. In the event of hail, look for an overpass where you can take shelter and avoid damage to your car.
  5. If caught in a hailstorm, pull over (under an overpass is best). Your windshield is likely reinforced to withstand an amount of direct hail hits, but your back and side windows are not. Try to move to the middle of the vehicle and cover your head to avoid being struck by breaking glass.

After the storm has passed, be sure to assess your vehicle’s damage. Marks left behind by hail not only look bad, but if left unrepaired will continue to compromise your vehicle’s exterior. Once your outer layer of paint has been chipped away, you have little protection from rust.

Additionally, hail hits to your windshield may not look terrible, but if left alone can create unsafe cracks in the windshield.

If you have hail damage, don’t just leave it. Schedule an appointment with Superior Collision Center to bring your vehicle back to its pre-damaged state.