Imagine for a moment it’s a lovely summer day and you’ve just slowed down because a family of geese is crossing the road in front of you. It’s a 25 mile per hour speed limit zone, so you weren’t going fast, and it wasn’t a big deal to give the geese a little room. However, the car behind you was following closer than they should have been and even though they did slow down, they didn’t slow down enough to stop before they accidentally “tapped” your bumper.

Now what? Everyone was going slow so there probably isn’t any damage. It’s alright to just keep driving, right? Wrong.

It’s always best to safely pull over to the side of the road and inspect your vehicle for damage. The other driver should do the same thing. Once safely on the side of the road, you and the other driver will need to exchange insurance information, and an accident report should be by the police. But what if it really doesn’t look like there is any damage to either vehicle, do you really need to do all of this? Yes, and here is why. There could be damage that only a trained expert can detect.

Unseen Damage Areas and Things to Watch for After an Accident

  1. The battery. The jolt of even a small impact can affect your battery. Damage that could lead to a short out can result from the impact that can either ruin the battery or greatly reduce its life expectancy.
  2. Leaks. Check for any leaks right away after the accident and keep monitoring in the following days and weeks. Some leaks can take time to become obvious.
  3. The frame. Frame damage can be subtle and difficult to see if you do not have a trained eye.
  4. Noises. Any new noises you may detect after the accident need to be checked. Rattles, bumps, knocks, clanks, or grinding noises can all be signs that something is not quite right about your vehicle.
  5. Dashboard lights. Ignoring a dashboard light is never a good idea, but it is particularly bad if you’ve recently been involved in a small accident.

The short story is this; it’s important to have a professional inspect your vehicle after an accident no matter if the accident was big or small. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference especially if left unchecked.
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