Unfortunately, car accidents are a part of driving, and drivers should always be prepared to file a claim if the occasion arises. Whether it’s your first or third time, there’s a few ways to ensure you get accurate compensation from your insurance if applicable. It’s not just about getting the other driver’s insurance and name; drivers should get as much information as they can such as:

– The year, make, and model of the other involved vehicle.
– The exact location of the crash.
– The weather or road conditions of that location.
– The date and time of the accident.
– The time the police arrive.
– The speed you were driving.
– The direction each vehicle was driving.
– Additional actions taken that led to the crash.
– License plate number of the other car.
– A written list of any damages caused by the accident.

Along with all of this information, you should also be taking photos of your car, the accident, and the other car as well. Do not use it to make an online claim, however, but as evidence for the claim when you call it in. Insurance claims only based on photos can cost you more money if there’s hidden damage that can only be found once it’s been inspected by an auto body shop.

Once the police have arrived and filed their own report for the accident, you should ask for the report number. Your insurance provider might also ask for that when making the claim. Once you’ve got all the information and visual evidence, you should call your insurance to begin the claim and get recommendations of auto body shops if needed. Once the inspection has been performed, you’ll have a better idea of the true damage and the cost of repair. Then, the collision center should be able with figuring out the estimate to help streamline the process.

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