Have you ever dealt with rust on your vehicle? If you have, then you know how it can spread quickly. This is a common problem that can be avoided with the right preventative maintenance.

A few tips for preserving your vehicle include:

Inspect your vehicle. Rust starts when a vehicle’s paint is removed and the raw metal gets exposed to the elements. There are many reasons this may happen to a car or truck. Common events that cause paint to be removed include rock chip and door dings.
The sooner you can catch a chip or ding and have it fixed, the better your chances for preventing rust from ever starting.

Inspect your car at least twice a year. Car doors, the hood, around wheel wells are frequently affected by rust.

Wash your vehicle. Dirt, bird droppings, mud, and road chemicals can all wear away the protective coating on your car if you let them sit for too long. This is why it’s important to regularly wash your car.

Be cautious in winter. All of that road salt and other de-icing agents on the road, when combined with water, are a recipe for disaster. While it does take a while for them to actually start corroding your vehicle, there’s a higher chance for rust in regions like the Midwest where the winters are longer. As long as the temperature is above freezing, you can wash your car to help get those agents off your car.

Wax your vehicle. While almost all modern cars have been treated in the manufacturing line with a rust-preventing finish of some kind, time and conditions will wear away at your vehicle. Waxing will help protect your car from the elements by acting as a barrier between your car and the moisture, corrosion, and oxidation that naturally occurs. A combination of waxing and polishing will also improve the look of your car and prevent that damaging rust.

Get scratches, dents, and other minor damage repaired. Damage on your vehicle will expose the metal to the elements, which can speed up the rusting process. Many car owners think they can just leave those minor damages, but it’s more beneficial to get them fixed. You’ll help protect your vehicle and also keep it in optimal condition in case you decide to sell it.

The auto body experts at Superior Collison Center can help you with minor and major vehicle damage. If you’ve noticed dents or scratches, bring it in for expert repair.