Unfortunately, car accidents are just a part of driving. However, you can save yourself some grief by knowing how to handle the situation when it occurs. First of all, you want to get yourself out of any initial danger if you are capable of doing that. Accidents will often happen in places like an intersection or highway, so pull over to the shoulder to avoid other cars colliding with the ones obstructing the road. Then make sure your car is in park and turned off. Once you’ve done that, you should look over yourself and any passengers for injuries. If it’s safe to get out of your vehicle and approach the other involved car, check in on the other involved people as well. As you’re doing this, call 911 to have some police come to the scene and request an ambulance if needed.

Take note of these important details:

  • The name and contact info of the other involved driver(s)
  • A description of the other vehicle(s) involved (year, make, model)
  • The insurance company and policy number of the other driver
  • The driver’s license and license plate number of the other driver
  • The location of the accident and any relevant notes about the state of the road (i.e. if it’s icy)
  • Identification info from the police officers that show up (name and badge number)
  • The incident number for your case and where you can get a copy

These will all benefit your case when you’re talking to your insurance agent. In terms of insurance, you want to make sure you call in the crash instead of trying to fill in one of the instant photo claims. Vehicles can often suffer from hidden damage that will need to be identified through an auto body shop since photos will not tell the whole story. However, it’s still a good idea to have photos of the accident on hand for evidence if the collision is taken to court for any reason.

When you call your insurance to start the claims process, having all of that info above will really help it move along smoothly. Additionally, if you’re not sure where to go for autobody work, they will have a list of recommended collision centers. It’s not necessary to work with one of their choices, but it is helpful if you do not already have a relationship with a local shop. Otherwise, there’s a couple ways to find an autobody shop: recommendations and online research. Many people hire services through recommendation of friends, and auto body work is no different. When you want to do your own research, however, then Google and social media are great tools to look up online reviews.

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