Some drivers think that wintertime gives them an excuse to avoid cleaning their car; however, this is actually an essential time to keep up with your car’s exterior maintenance. Winter can be especially tough on the exterior and interior of your car due to deicing agents on the road. The road salt and other agents, when combined with moisture, will start to oxidize and break down the metal on cars. While it takes a lot of time and continued exposure to actually cause rust, it’s not uncommon for vehicles that are often neglected through the winters. Then, when an area starts to rust, that damage will slowly spread over time, affecting the integrity of your vehicle—especially if it gets to the exhaust system, brake lines, or gas lines.

How can you avoid this? Get your vehicle cleaned as often as the weather allows. If it’s below freezing, for example, then you should avoid washing your car. Drivers can also give their vehicle a yearly wax to help protect the frame throughout the seasons.

Additionally, drivers will bring that road salt and other deicing containments into their cars, which is why they should always have some kind of plastic or rubber car mat to help protect the carpeting. All of that salt can build up on those soft fibers and break down the material if you have to scrub it often.

The wintertime also requires a few maintenance tasks to ensure your vision isn’t obscured while on the road. Make sure the:

  • Windshield wiper fluid is full in case dirty snow or slush is thrown back on your windshield.
  • Windshield wipers are doing their job correctly. If they’re skipping, leaving streaks, or missing spots, then they should be replaced.
  • Defrost is working correctly. Keeping that on in the winter ensures that the elements outside will not start to freeze on the glass and prevent clear driving vision.
  • Front and back windshields plus all windows are cleared of snow or frost before you head out. Many accidents happen each year because drivers fail to clear their car off correctly, so their blind spots cause an accident.

We hope these tips help you keep your vehicle, both exterior and interior, in tip-top shape this winter. If you’ve been involved in an accident or have auto body damage, give Superior Collision Center a call.