There’s no other way to say it: car accidents are a stressful event. Your whole day is suddenly off, you have to call your insurance company, worry about the potential costs, and try to find a collision center to get your car in for repairs. We understand the struggle, which is why we try to simplify the process for our customers as much as we can. How does Superior Collison Center do this?


Insurance is a complicated game, but we’ve got specialists on hand who can help you figure out your claim. We’ll work directly with your insurance company and even help negotiation to save you a little bit of money too.

Rental Car Assistance

With your car in the shop, your day’s schedule has suddenly had to make some quick changes. Luckily, we can help you get back on the road with our rental car assistance service. You still have the freedom of travel while we expertly repair your vehicle so it’s safe to drive.


We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our collision work so our customers can have peace of mind when they drive off with their newly repaired car.

Free Shuttle Service

If your vehicle only needs minor repairs or you’d prefer a ride home over a rental car, we offer a free shuttle service within 5 miles of our location.

Towing Service

If you’re not comfortable driving your car to our Eagan, MN location, then we also offer a towing service.

Flexible Hours

Collisions can happen at any time. While we do have shop hours and a schedule, we do our best to accommodate those who stop by with an emergency repair need. We’ll keep you updated on the repairs and if there’s any additional roadblocks we come across.

Whether you’re local or passing through the area, our specialists will help you during this stressful time and get you safely back on the road. Contact Superior Collision Center if you’re in need of some auto body repair. We can handle dings, dents, and scratches as well as larger damage due to collisions.