With spring comes a fresh start, which is why some people will be looking to sell their car for a new one. Before trading in your car or putting signs up, however, here are some tips to help you get the most out of its value.

Clean The Exterior and Interior

Just like when selling a home, there’s a certain amount of curb appeal that people look for when buying a vehicle—especially if it’s used. The interior might be tricky if you don’t regularly clean your car; the upholstery could have some stains, tears, or other damage that you’ll need to do your best to take care of. Salt from the winter could also be rubbed into the carpet, which will need some elbow grease to get. Luckily, there are some places that offer a deep clean of your car, so you don’t necessarily have to tackle it on your own. Similarly, the exterior is relatively easy to clean if you choose a car wash service. Once that’s done, you could even go the extra mile and get it waxed, which will be an extra perk to convince an interested buyer to purchase. Once it’s clean, you should also do an inspection to take note of any damage that you will either need to get repaired or disclose to the buyer.

Set up a Service Appointment

A buyer typically won’t purchase a vehicle until it’s been inspected by a technician so they know exactly what they’re getting into. To save everyone some time, you could go to an auto center you trust and have them perform a complete check-up. Then, they can write up a report that you can show the buyer. This also helps you determine what price you should ask for the car.

Set up an Auto Body Appointment

Over time, most cars will need a little bit of auto body repair due to anything from a serious collision to a door ding. As mentioned above, curb appeal is all a part of selling your car. When it looks banged up—even if it runs beautifully—that will discourage potential buyers. Fixing up the exterior of your car is a solid investment because of that face value, and people might be more willing to pay a little bit more if they know you just had it fixed up.

The auto body experts at Superior Collision Center are prepared to handle your big to small repair needs, and we can even help you with insurance if that’s applicable. Give us a call to set up an appointment.