Minnesota has left most of winter behind, but that might not be true for your car. The cold weather and de-icing road agents take a toll on vehicles over time, and it’s harder to keep your car clean when the temps are below freezing. Plus, auto body damage can happen in any season, but drivers are less likely to notice and linger for a once-over when they want to get out of the cold. This spring, take the opportunity to give your car a quick once over to check for these common damages:


While modern cars are more resistant to the threat of rust, it doesn’t hurt to keep up the typical maintenance tasks that help prevent this damage. The deicing agents typically used on the roads during the winter will get stuck on the undercarriage of your car and, as a long-term threat, could oxidize enough that it starts to affect the integrity of the metal there. This is why it’s so important to get car washes whenever you can during the winter and early spring. Remember to always wait until it’s above freezing, however, so frozen water doesn’t cause issues for your vehicle.

Scratches, Scrapes, Dents

When drivers are trying to remove ice or snow from their car, sometimes the tools they’re using can accidentally scratch off the paint and cause anything from a small scratch to a larger scrape. All that ice can also make it slippery, so drivers might experience minor damages from accidentally sliding into a post, accidentally sliding into the side of the car, or from other drivers accidentally slipping while stepping out of their cars, which could cause a door ding. Leaving those small damages for even years at a time can result in costly damage if it starts to rust or you’re trying to sell your car with a poor curb appeal due to those issues.

Overall, the winter can actually be a damaging time to the auto body of your car, which is why it’s important to always be vigilant on inspecting it when you have the time. Additionally, if you have been in a minor accident but decided to not bring it to a collision center, now is the time to schedule an appointment and make sure your car did not suffer hidden damages. Superior Collision Center is prepared to handle your small to large auto body repair needs—give us a call and visit us at our Eagan, MN location.