As one of the coldest months in winter, February brings with it icy, snowy weather that spells out potentially bad road conditions. Even entering the end part of the season, it’s important to continue practicing safe driving rules for wintery conditions.

When driving in snow:

  • Accelerate and brake slowly. When the roads are covered in snow, you’ll want to drive slower than the speed limit to avoid losing traction.
  • Increase your following distance to around five or six seconds. That will give you more time to deaccelerate slowly, and you will also have more time to stop on slippery roads if there is a sudden need to brake.
  • Try to keep moving. When it comes to a full stop or a rolling stop, a full stop might leave you stuck without the proper inertia to continue moving, so try to do a rolling stop whenever possible. However, keep in mind basic road rules and safety when making the decision so you don’t cause an accident.
  • Use winter tires or snow chains. If you’ve got them, make sure you’re using the proper winter gear to help you navigate wintery roads a little better.
  • Avoid using cruise controls. Even if you’re the only person on the road, you want full control of the car.
  • Don’t power up a hill. If you’ve come face to face with an uphill road, continue to move up it at a steady pace. Putting too much acceleration behind it could simply result in your tires losing traction, so they’ll start to spin and put you back to square one. Let your car build up inertia to help you up the hill instead.
  • Always have at least half a tank of gas. In the event you get stuck somewhere, you want to make sure you don’t run out of gas.
  • Keep some tools and essential items in your trunk. If you get stuck, you’ll want some extra snow gear and blankets to help you stay warm. Also keep some water, nonperishable food, a flashlight, a shovel, and an ice scraper on hand.

We hope these tips help you feel safer driving around this season and hopefully avoid car accidents. If you are in a collision, you want a trusted auto body shop to take care of your vehicle’s repairs. Superior Service Center has a location in Eagan, MN, and we are a local, family-owned shop since 1982.