Throughout a driver’s life, they’ll probably deal with a whole variety of auto body needs for their vehicle. Whether it’s due to car collisions or accidental car dings, it’s normal for vehicles to get a little roughed up during ownership. Here are three of the most common damages we see, how they can happen, and how they can be fixed.


Dents can happen pretty easily, even for the most careful of drivers. They can be the result of a collision, a car ding, getting too close to a pole, a loose shopping cart, and so much more. Out of all the possible damage that can happen to your vehicle, dents are definitely the most common. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to repair, depending on the extent of the damage. Most auto body shops have tools to get out a dent, so it doesn’t always require a more costly replacement. It’s important to get this done soon after the damage occurs in case some of the paint has been scratched off. Moisture can get under the paint and start to cause havoc over time, which could result in even worse damage.


Bumpers are an essential part of your vehicle’s defense system. When you get into a collision, they’re designed to take the brunt of the force to save the occupants from extensive injury. As the first line of defense, that means they also see a lot of damage, which can be big or small. Going over a speed bump too quickly, for example, could scratch the bottom of it. Getting into a small collision could cause a dent or some of the bumper to even fall off. Either way, it’s important to bring your car into a shop after to make sure hidden damage hasn’t occurred, and to get the bumper fixed to make sure it’s back in working order.


Windshield damage can happen at any time, and it’s common for a driver to need to repair or replace the windshield a couple times during the car’s ownership. Cracks can occur because of debris flying back at your car, hail from a storm, impact from a collision, and other hazardous instances. In some cases, the windshield might only suffer a small chip, which can be easily repaired. If left to the elements, however, it can turn into a large crack that goes across the glass. In that case, the entire windshield will need to be replaced since the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised.

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