When it comes to common auto body damage, the bumper of a car will most likely be at the top of the list. Even if you’ve managed to avoid any accidents, the auto body of your car just naturally gathers smaller damage like scratches or scrapes over time. These also affect the bumper, which is an important part of your vehicle’s defense design. However, when should you get that damage fixed, and what needs a repair vs. replacement? We’ll help by going over some common bumper damage.

Cracked or dented bumper.

A crack in your bumper can be for a number of reasons that aren’t just a collision: it hit a curb, an animal, a pole, or other obstruction. When that happens, drivers are the ones at fault, and they are less likely to call in a claim than if it was caused by an accident—especially if they don’t have the right coverage. However, even a crack in the bumper risks the structural integrity of the part. When the bumper is compromised, it won’t be able to properly absorb impact in the event of a collision.

Damaged or broken hooks.

In some instances, the hooks that help secure the bumper to your car can be compromised. It could happen over time if you’ve managed to keep the original bumper, or a part of it could have been damaged by a collision. If you notice the bumper has become loose, leaving it could only result in it falling off without warning. This could be a big hazard when driving on roadways. Once the hooks break, you’ll need a new bumper either way—hooks can’t be re-attached.

Scratched bumper.

If your bumper has seen more superficial damage over the years, then it will most likely just need some repair instead of a complete replacement. Some deeper scratches may require sanding, filler, priming, and painting. An expert auto body shop will be able to color match so the bumper will look good as new at the end.

Overall, it’s in the driver’s best interest to get their bumper evaluated if there’s been some small or big damage. Superior Collision Center has a location in Eagan, MN and can help with all your auto body needs.