The sun is out, and the roads are busy! When driving this season, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings whether you’re a vehicle driver or motorcyclist. Overall, here are some safety tips for all on the road:


  • Check the weather before getting on the road. Driving during high winds could be difficult and unsafe. Driving in heavy rain could cause hydroplaning for you or other vehicles on the road, and visibility will also be lower.
  • Wear gear. In case of an accident, this helps protect you.
  • Be vigilant and visible. Try to stay out of a vehicle’s blind spots if possible—the majority of accidents happen because vehicles do not spot a smaller object. Use your turn signals and drive with your headlights on. Be cautious when passing vehicles.
  • Avoid distractions. Make sure all of your gear is secure before taking off. Keep both hands on the handles in case you need full control at a moment’s notice, and only drive when sober and alert. Motorcycles have a faster reaction time, and that needs to be handled expertly. Braking suddenly and too quickly because of a delayed reaction could send the driver and passengers over the handles.


  • Be cautious of left turns. It may be misleading how quickly motorcycles are moving down the road, and many drivers misjudge how much time they have to make a left turn when yielding to oncoming traffic. This causes many accidents.
  • Check your mirrors. Failing to check your blind spots or position your side view mirrors for maximum visibility is also a leading cause for crashes involving vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Use your signals. In all instances on the road, you should be using your turning signals to inform others when you might be switching a lane. Failing to do that could result in an accident if you switch into a lane with a quickly advancing motorcycle or vehicle.
  • Maintain following distance. Just like you would do for other vehicles, keep a proper distance between yourself and the motorcyclist ahead of you. This gives you proper time to react.

We hope you stay safe on the roads this season. If you have been in a collision, our Eagan location can help. Superior Collision Center serves the Southern Twin Cities with all of their auto body needs.