Our cars go through a lot over their lifetime, and it can be tempting to skip out on smaller repair needs. However, just like mechanical advice, it’s important to get auto body damages repaired to prevent them causing larger issues in the future. Those issues can include:


While minor scratches will not always lead to rust, deeper scratches that could not be buffed out are at risk of rusting over time. Water, debris, dirt, and road salt will get into it and begin to damage the metal. This process takes time, but the metal will begin to corrode if it continues to be exposed to the elements, and that rust can get bad enough that its integrity is compromised and may start to fall away.

Paint wrinkles.

The auto body of a car typically has a few layers of coating on it: base coat and top clear coat at minimum. The top primer layer is especially important when protecting the car from debris flying back at it. When a scratch breaks the surface, however, it leaves the area vulnerable. Even if the scratch is not deep enough to reach the metal and start the rusting process, water and contaminants can get under the primer layer through that scratch. Over time, it can lead to peeling or wrinkling paint, which affects the value of the car and could expose the metal to rust.

Loss of value.

It’s normal for a vehicle to sustain some small damage, such as scrapes or door dings, over time, but leaving too much of that damage unchecked affects the curb appeal and value of the car. If you plan to sell in the future, potential buyers might be discouraged by the vehicle’s first impression, and if you’re trading it in, you won’t be getting as much back.

Safety issues.

The auto body of a vehicle has been specially designed to absorb impact in the event of a collision, which means passengers are not as protected once your vehicle has been compromised. A chunk taken out of a bumper, a large dent, or a deep scratch that begins to rust all negatively affect how your car can effectively protect you.

Overall, it’s in the driver’s best interest to get their car’s damage checked out and repaired. Superior Collision Center can help with all your auto body needs at our Eagan, MN location.