After a car accident, there are so many steps to follow that it can be overwhelming. All people involved need to be checked out medically, vehicles may need to be towed for repairs, and the car insurance claim needs to be figured out. Insurance companies have tried to streamline this process over the years, but it’s an involved process no matter what. However, technology has helped it improve.


With the increase of virtual features, insurance companies have also been taking advantage of that with features that allow you to video chat with an agent. The option of sending in photos and videos through an app has been available for a while, so this simply extends its abilities. The driver can show the damage done to their car through the video, and the appraiser can begin the process. It does usually result in quicker turnaround. However, drivers should be careful to use that feature for a car insurance claim.


When should you use instant insurance claims?


You should use this feature in instances of minor damage such as a door ding or scrape. When the damages are superficial, there’s not as much risk to internal damage. The auto body will have to be repaired, but there’s hopefully no risk to the frame. Even a vehicle backing up into yours at a low speed can cause damage you won’t spot unless you’re inspecting the undercarriage. If you’re not sure how serious the accident actually was, it’s safer to go with the regular insurance claim process.


What you should have ready for your insurance claim:


  • Location and time of the accident
  • The weather and road conditions
  • Name(s), vehicle information, and insurance policy number of the other involved drivers
  • Name(s) and badge number(s) of police who responded to incident
  • The accident report number and a copy of it if able
  • Photos of the vehicle damage


Our experts will work with the insurance to get an accurate assessment of the damage and repairs needed. We’ll also provide an initial estimate that will include cost of parts and labor for a full total. Stop by Superior Collision Center if you have auto body damage that you want our experts to inspect and give you recommendations on repairs. We have a location in Eagan, MN that serves the Southern Twin Cities metro.