Not all accidents are the same. Depending on the speed, the angle, and the type of vehicles involved, the aftermath of a collision can be vastly different. In some cases, your car may end up with only minor collision damage. One dent may not seem important compared to the work that goes into a claim and repair. However, just like it’s advised to get checked out for injuries like whiplash even after a minor accident, you should do the same for your vehicle. A few key reasons include:

Hidden Damage

Even if damage does not make an appearance right after the collision, that doesn’t mean your vehicle didn’t sustain any out of sight. A bent frame or loosened part as a result of the accident spells trouble later on. If you don’t bring your vehicle in for an inspection, it’s easy to miss that type of issue. Techs at a collision center can use their equipment to lift your vehicle up to get a closer look under the frame. If you decide not the take your vehicle in, then a larger problem may appear later on that costs more to fix.


Even a moderate dent in the frame can affect how it absorbs impact in the event of another collision. The frame and body of modern vehicles are carefully designed and tested before they ever go out onto the road. In peak condition, they absorb impact to reduce the chance of passengers suffering an injury. It does mean that even minor accidents could result in a large dent, but that just means it’s saved most of the impact from you and your passengers.


Any damage to your vehicle begins to affect its value—especially if the issue is left for a long time. Exposed car parts can lead to rust, which makes repairs more difficult and may require replacement instead. A car with some minor collision damage, such as dents and scratches, will then look less appealing to a potential buyer. To invest in your vehicle and uphold its value, you want to repair damage when it happens.

After a car crash, working with a trusted auto body shop gives you peace of mind and less stress. If you’re in the Southern Twin Cities metro, we can help with your collision repair needs and assist with your insurance claim. Give our Superior Collision Center a call, and we’ll also take care of towing and loaner car needs.