Getting an estimate on your repairs is always recommended before getting any work done. This will prevent surprises, and you will know a ballpark number you can expect to pay. It also allows you to learn about the exact parts of your car that need fixing and what it will entail. The estimate will be based on many factors we will go over in this blog.   

Figuring out the problem 

When you bring your vehicle into an auto body repair shop, they will begin by asking you what is wrong with your vehicle. In some cases, it may be obvious, but for others, finding the root of the problem may be more challenging. Once they decide what is wrong with the vehicle, they can start figuring out what it will take to fix everything.  

Cost of parts 

The shop may need to replace parts on your vehicle that are damaged. The cost of replacement parts can vary significantly depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the availability of the parts.   

Something to keep in mind is what type of parts the auto body shop will use for your vehicle. New OEM parts are made by/for your manufacturer. Aftermarket parts can differ in quality, so it is important to check the brand and where they are made.  

Cost of labor  

The labor cost includes the time and expertise required to complete the repairs. This can vary depending on the complexity of the repairs and the hourly rate of the mechanic or repair shop.  


Getting a second opinion might be a good idea if you need a significant repair. One shop might see something that the other shop didn’t. Remember that you don’t need to get everything fixed on your estimate. If you want to get the major things done first and then save some money and come back for the rest later, you can do that.  


Finding a trusted auto body shop in your area can be difficult. Make sure to read the reviews before making an appointment and double-check any charges. Stop by Superior Collision for all your repair needs. We will help you get back on the road quickly with the highest quality of workmanship.