Winters in Minnesota can be unpredictable. Different weather conditions can raise different issues to be cautious about while driving. This blog will cover the most common weather conditions and how to adapt your driving in each of them. 


An obvious weather condition for winter is snow. While it may be light flurries some days, others can turn into a whiteout with no visibility. During the winter months, it is essential to keep your eye on the weather reports on snowy days. Regularly checking the road conditions in your area will give you a good idea of whether it is safe to drive. Drive slower than usual on these days, and don’t get too close to the cars in front of you.   

If you have a car that is low to the ground, you need to be extra careful. When it snows significantly, wait until the plows have been through your neighborhood before you try and leave. If you get impatient, you could end up getting stuck.  


Icy conditions are the most dangerous to drive in because it causes the most accidents. If the roads are slippery, stay far back from the car in front of you to give yourself ample time to stop. Take turns very slowly to avoid sliding into the ditch.  

If you are sliding on a patch of ice, don’t slam on the brakes or accelerate your car. Stay calm and carefully turn your wheel whichever way the back of your vehicle is sliding. Once your car straightens out, straighten the steering wheel. If you continue to slide in the other direction, repeat these steps but turn your wheel the opposite way.   

Freezing rain/sleet  

These conditions can also cause slippery roads, so drive cautiously. Another reason to be cautious is that this weather can cause slushy conditions. While that might not seem like a big deal, it can be kicked up from other vehicles onto your windshield causing visibility issues.  Make sure to check your windshield wiper blades and have them replace regularly.  

Slush may also build up in your wheel wells and affect how your car is able to turn. Clear out any slush or snow from your wheels frequently to avoid any issues.   


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