There’s no denying the time-saving benefit of “instant” insurance claims after you’ve been involved in a car accident. You can simply take a picture, gather info from the involved party, and send it through your insurance’s app for a claim. Depending on the insurer, you could even get an estimate in less than a day. But how does that affect your finances and your vehicle’s health long-term? There are some negatives to consider before pressing send.

If you have the ability to use an insurance app on your phone, then it most likely has a decent camera. However, it can still miss important details, or you could have the shot lined up at a bad angle that doesn’t show the full extent of the damage. Plus, vehicles often suffer from unseen damage after a collision. The body of the car is constructed to take the brunt of the shock from a car collision, but the frame is often damaged as well as it acts to protect the passengers. Even trying to scoot under the car to take the photos will not suffice as the whole picture, which is why those who use the online insurance claims will often get their repairs at the wrong price and have add-ons that won’t be covered by the initial claim.

If anything, the online insurance claims should only be used for small dents or scratches. Be sure to take the picture when it’s light out, get a couple different angles, and make sure the quality is okay. Either way, the best way you can make sure you get a reliable estimate is to visit an auto body center where they will have estimators on staff to make sure your insurance claim is accurate and goes through correctly.

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